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Individually Designed + Locally Crafted = Infinitely Transformed


SpaceLab Design Elements is a Pacific Northwest creative partnership between an architectural designer and local craftsmen.  Our team is united by a passion to enhance built environments with the refined textures of

architectural elements. 

We deliver stunning, low-maintenance screening and decorative panel options for residential and commercial environments, restaurants and retail spaces.


Our flexible approach enables our clients to translate their design ideas into refined architectural elements crafted locally just for them. 

We help guide our clients from concept through the delivery of the finished product to the site.  We start with an abstract concept and

manage all aspects of the project.


Below are a few examples of inspiration images that evolved into screen designs.

Berry Branches
Mud Cracks
Green Leaves
Desert Dunes
Bees at Work


We work with our clients to craft screens into nearly any configuration.


The most common size panels are 24”x36”, 36”x60”, 60”x96”

Panels can be custom cut to any size up to 60”x120”

Panels can be combined to create a continuous pattern or large format artwork


We work with a variety of materials to deliver the best possible products to our clients.

Aluminum is our primary premium screening material. 

It is lightweight, durable, non-corrosive and can be fabricated into an infinite

number of screening and architectural options. 

It delivers exceptional results that will look great for years with minimal maintenance. 

Below you will find a description of our most common options.

If you have any questions be sure to let us know.

  • Aluminum composite panel – two layers of aluminum with an acrylic core    

  • Stainless steel      

  • Corten steel – high grade architectural weathering steel to give a natural rusted finish 

  • Specialty materials –  MDF, acrylic, composite board, mild steel  


We powder coat all our panels to produce the most attractive

and durable finishes available. Powder coating is electro-statically applied 

and then baked on to the surfaces to create a thicker,

tougher and more uniform “skin” than conventional paint.

Powder coating also allows for creating special textures. We haven an extensive assortment of colors and finishes to choose from and we can color-match other architectural elements of the project.

Laser Cut Steel
Paint Swatches
Laser Cutting
Watercolor Paints
Aluminum Factory


SpaceLab Design Elements provides custom crafted brackets or specialized installation options with built-in tolerances for every project.

All aluminum screen orders include color-matched mechanical fasteners to complete the aesthetic of the finished installation.

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